Mission: Core Products is formulating for our future by transforming the cleaning industry with innovative, green cleaning solutions. 

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We invite you to explore the Core Products Company website to better understand Core Products and our commitment to formulating for our future with innovative, green cleaning solutions.

Since 1976, Core Products Co., Inc. has been a trusted manufacturer of industrial / institutional specialty and green cleaning products serving JanSan distributors and their building service contractors/end users. Core is internationally known for premium products at competitive prices that work. Core is committed to creating innovative, green cleaning solutions that are easy on both users and the environment. With a variety of products that include Green Seal™ certifications and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Design for the Environment (DfE) program affiliations, Core has products for every JanSan need.

The focus on "being green" in the commercial market has expanded over the past several years and is a decision factor for many companies when it comes to cleaning products. Core Products is proud to be on the forefront of the green movement as demonstrated by our introduction of the Green Seal™ certified Hydroxi Pro® line.

The Green Logic™ line provides a green guarantee that ensures the environmental safety of its products, packaging and operations. All Core products provide outstanding performance while meeting high standards for human and environmental safety.  The Green Logic™ brand symbolizes the marriage between biotechnology chemistry by providing safer, effective, environmentally preferable solutions to a wide range of cleaning challenges. Core feels our environmentally preferable solutions create a balance between a cleaner work place and better lives.

The Hydroxi Pro® brand was developed to provide low-toxicity, safer solutions for traditional cleaning challenges.

The Unbelievable!® brand is dedicated to specialty products and spotters that effectively take care of rust and coffee/tea stains and adhesives to conditioning fine leather.

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